The Times They Are a-Changin'

Thank you for visiting and for being a loyal follower. We know that our industry-focused news and insight have been much appreciated but we also know that in changing times, we also need to adapt. We have therefore decided to close this website in order for us to focus all our editorial efforts on FBNW, a new online service for people working in or with the Nordic asset management industry. Read more about FBNW below or at the new website.

Stay on top of industry trends

The need to stay on top of industry trends and in touch with industry peers has never been greater and we have developed FBNW with this in mind. A subscription to the FBNW service gives you access to authoritative coverage of the Nordic asset management industry and we publish news, insight and reports on key industry trends to give you the edge over competitors. Read more about the new service here and sign up for a subscription here.